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Sharps Bin

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Design to manufacture support of innovative new sharps bin.

Sharps bins are used to safely contain medical items that could potentially puncture the skin causing injury and infection. Over 3.5 million sharps bins a year are purchased by the NHS each year with all current bins incinerated after a single-use.

PDR’s brief was to rapidly design, develop, prototype test, tool and pre-production manufacture a new design that satisfied all of the stringent regulatory criteria in a functional and commercially viable re-useable package.


The first of a range of Smarts Sharp bins launched has a number of innovative features to ensure theft, injury, and misuse are minimised. These include a two-position lid that prevents re-opening, a fill level indicator, an inbuilt carry handle and selected use of microbe resistant polymers.

The unit is emptied and sterilised in a specialised facility and offers considerable cost as well as safety and functional advantages over traditional sharps bins.

The Smart Sharps proposal was rapidly developed from conceptual sketch work through detail engineering design to a final prototyped design.

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