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feb. 01. 2022

Introducing the Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler, the innovative Afro hair comb

Excitingly, one of our recent product development projects - the Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler - has now been officially launched. Junior Industrial Designer Dominik Bini sat down with us to explain more…

“The Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler is a detangling hair brush that allows people with Afro hair to condition and comb their hair easily. Essentially, it’s a product designed by a black creator for black communities, and one of its key purposes is to let natural hair be more free and celebrated,” Dominik explains.

The detangler works by infusing the hair with conditioner as you pull it from roots to ends. The applicator releases an even amount of conditioner to help detangle the hair as you go; thus producing soft, smooth hair in its wake. Along with its useful purpose, the product is also political; it’s launching at a significant time in history.

“There’s a massive historic background to this project - people with Afro hair have often encountered stigmas and a lack of understanding about their natural hair, but in recent years, there has been a growing international movement where they’ve embraced the beauty of their hair. For us, this project really connected well with that.”

It’s a product designed by a black creator for black communities, and one of its key purposes is to let natural hair be more free and celebrated.

Dominik Bini | Junior Industrial Designer | PDR

We worked closely with Nyfasi’s creator to bring the brush to life. “What was really nice about developing this project was that we had more co-creation with Youmna [the inventor]. She already had a strong idea of what she wanted and a prototype, so it was looking at how PDR could really help her to take the most out of what she already has and build the design even further.”

On bringing the final product to life, Dominik stated: “We live in a world where we are constantly creating new products and every single year you have new phones, new technology and new products filling up the market. So when there’s a product that arrives at your doorstep and the product has been designed by a community for a community, with a really strong story… Well, you know that the project could have real life market potential. For us, it’s so important to have made something that could really positively impact the people it’s made for.”

We’re thrilled to see the product launch into the world and it was a privilege to work with Youmna on this incredible invention - to find out more, read our case study.

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