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Foetal Monitor Interaction Design

Huntleigh Healthcare

Redesigning a foetal heart monitor for touchscreen technology.

As developments in technology changed medical devices beyond recognition, Huntleigh saw the need for a user-centred approach to develop the interface for a new Foetal Monitor. The design was fundamentally different than any of its predecessors, with the inclusion of more powerful features and a touch-screen for the first time.


PDR worked with midwives to develop an interface that met their needs. Using generative design tools, we gained an understanding of their needs and preferences: from the requirement to be able to understand data at a glance, to the desire for a low-light version which would not disturb patients at night time.


The design developed over multiple testing iterations with end-users. Starting from the generative research and paper prototypes PDR took the product through a structured Usability Engineering process documented in line with ISO 62366. This rigour ensured that the design would be intuitive and safe to use. The end product was a beautiful and usable interface backed by a strong research narrative and user validated design decisions.