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8月 02. 2021

The past, present & future of patient-specific design

Patient-specific medical device design is the art of designing and constructing products that specifically fit a unique individual – Professor Dominic Eggbeer, who leads the Surgical & Prosthetic Design Research group at PDR, takes a look at the past, present and future of this practice.

Having pioneered the modern methods since the late 1990s, Dominic and his team work closely with NHS Wales and hospitals around the world to continue refining the complex surgical process.

In our latest video, Dominic explores the origins and subsequent rise of patient-specific medical device design. From physically bending implants during surgery to treat injured soldiers in the first World War, to the current 3D CAD technologies used today, he explores how the practice has developed thanks to the advent of computer tomography and other new technologies.

Watch the video to explore the topic further, and read our recent article on SPD’s history at PDR.

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