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11月 10. 2023

Tokyo to London

We’ve recently returned from the 33rd World Design Assembly, in Tokyo. This year’s theme was Design Beyond, which aimed to explore the evolution of design and its intersection with humanity, technology, and the environment. The Assembly also included a Research and Education Forum and an International Design Conference.

The Friday saw our very own Anna Whicher take to the stage to deliver a presentation on Government Labs, the term used to describe multidisciplinary government teams that experiment with a range of innovation methods including design to inform better policy. Since the establishment of the first labs in Singapore in the early 2000s, there are now more than 300 around the world.

Drawing on years of experience as an advocate for the role of design in government, Anna depicted a practical insight into the dynamic of the labs, which ‘tend to operate behind closed doors and don’t necessarily publish case studies of the projects they’re working on’. Her talk focused on the challenges they face, the intersection of design methodologies within this sphere and ultimately the new possibilities for innovation and collaboration within the realm of policymaking.

Jarred who also attended the Assembly shared his experience of Tokyo, saying ‘it is a fantastic city for inspiration, not to mention great food and amazing culture but perhaps most critically it was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues from around the world, many of whom are at the leading edge of design, innovation, and support in their respective countries’.

The Assembly drew to a closed with the exciting announcement that London will host the 34th World Design Assembly, in 2025. The theme will be Design for Planet, which will emphasise the crucial role that Design can play in reducing carbon emissions and increasing biodiversity. PDR is proud to have partnered the Design Council’s successful bid for the Assembly, which will take place in the capital in conjunction with the London Design Festival, supported by regional events around the UK.

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