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Snoozeal is the first ever daytime treatment for snoring and sleep disordered breathing.

Around 40% of men and 24% of women suffer with snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. The impact of snoring can go far beyond its nuisance factor disrupting sleep patterns and quality of sleep for both the snorer and their partner. Habitual snoring can have more serious impacts and consequences to health including sleep apnoea impacting on rest, breathing and cardiac health.


Snoozeal is the first-ever device to treat one of the key root causes of snoring in the majority of sufferers. Snoozeal uses low-intensity electrical pulses to train the tongue muscles and prevent snoring. Other anti-snoring products on the market aim to hold the breathing passage open or reduce resistance during sleep. Snoozeal works to treat the cause, not the symptoms, and critically does not need to be worn during sleep, a significant problem for many current sufferers.


Snoozeal is designed to treat mild to moderate snoring, affecting the vast majority of sufferers. Snoozeal only needs to be used once a day, for 20 minutes over a 6 week treatment period to be effective. The device consists of three core elements, the mouthpiece is made of flexible silicone and is carefully designed to fit 95% of prospective users. It can be easily washed and cleaned in running water and used repeatedly throughout treatment sessions comfortably. The main unit contains electrical stimulation, communications, and control electronics. Small, rugged, and portable it is deliberately designed to be simple and intuitive to set up and acts as the core of the Snoozeal system.


The Snoozeal app completes the system and is available on iOS or Android. Alongside the operation of the device itself, the app allows the user to pick from a range of treatment plans and to track improvements over time as it measures sleep quality improvement throughout the treatment period. This control loop between treatment and continual improvement greatly improves use compliance and consistency of treatment as users see real and tangible benefits to the device use. A provided remote control for the device is also included for those times when app use is not available.

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