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Generation Razor

Bolin Webb

The Bolin Webb Generation Razor is a contemporary shaving razor. Designed to provide high-quality simplicity and a distraction-free grooming experience using easily available shaving heads.  

The elegant and minimalistic design provides the perfect weight and balance for an optimal shave. Its extruded and machined metal form limits embellishment to a small and functional knurled area to support handling across the full range of orientations and grips required.


While disposable razor blades are a feature of modern life, their handles are often of no significance to the user and typically last little longer than the blades that they house. The Generation Razor brings longevity and connection to the disposable razor blade market. Thoroughly tested, robust and optimised for extensive use, the Generation Razor is a product that will meet the consumer’s needs for many years after purchase. 


The current razor market is filled with complicated, feature-driven engineering marvels that focus on novelty and have arguably forgotten their purpose as a personal grooming tool. Bolin Webb Ltd specialise in exclusive personal care products for men that forsake gimmicks for quality and long-term reliability. The Generation Razor continues this tradition and has been carefully designed for medium quantity manufacturing so that it remains affordable and accessible for consumers.  


Beneath the simplicity of the Generation Razor’s design lies an unwavering focus on functionality at its heart. The ergonomics of shaving are weaved into its design philosophy alongside an appreciation of the consumer’s desire for long-term ownership value. The result is a lifelong shaving companion of the highest quality.    

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