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A next-generation brace for the treatment of Pectus Carinatum (often known as pigeon chest) where the breastbone protrudes excessively affecting approximately 1 in 400 children.

Treatment involves compression over time to allow correct bone development. Existing braces are unchanged from the early 20th century. These are uncomfortable, activity limiting, difficult to wear, and difficult to disguise, thus increasing feelings of isolation and stigmatisation for patients who are typically teenage boys.


The new brace is designed to fit neatly and discreetly beneath clothes using contemporary materials and easy-to-use mechanisms to create a more comfortable, clinically effective solution.


The brace is slimline in nature using a combination of materials including elastomers and technical fabrics to aid comfort and fit. The unit is fully adjustable to produce a tailored and asymmetric fit as necessary to allow for comfortable all-day wear without chafing, excessive discomfort and bulkiness under clothing.


Available in three sizes with multiple adjustments allow the user to easily adjust the device to their own requirements.

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