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sept. 03. 2021

How Design Can Help Start-ups

Innovation happens by design. Start-ups compete to convince investors that their concept and business model comprises the innovation necessary to achieve the high growth and return on investment needed to offset the higher risk associated with start-up ventures.

PDR has supported hundreds of organisations in these early phases as they seek investment and support. Our Managing Director, Jarred Evans, discusses our approach.

“Put simply, design helps a start-up make its vision reality,” Jarred explains.

“It’s how a product or service is developed to a point where it can have the desired impact, whether that be in a commercial or social capacity.

“Each start-up has a different vision, so a bespoke approach is necessary. No two start-ups are ever the same.”

Jarred believes that good design can make or break a start-up's appeal to investors.

“Design absolutely gives start-ups a significant boost,” he explains. “Money is the oil that makes the engine of innovation work. Persuading people to invest relies on an organisation’s ability to reassure people that their vision will be delivered, that the risks are understood and managed and that there will be a return on the hard work and resources that are ploughed in.”

Jarred continues: “That’s where design can help. At PDR, the way we do that is through a reliable and step by step design process that moves logically, through early, more conceptual thinking all the way to manufacture and launch.

Put simply, design helps a start-up make its vision reality.

Jarred Evans | Managing Director | PDR

Managing risk is key and a fundamental way to do this and to communicate to markets and investors is through prototyping and visualizing. Creating products, interfaces or services that are often indistinguishable from the final product is an extremely powerful way to communicate to investors and markets the potential impact of the technology or idea being developed”

“While design can be a factor in obtaining investment, there are many other risks and barriers that mean start-ups don’t secure investment,” says Jarred.

“Ownership is a big part of this. The ones that succeed tend to be ones not only with the grit, determination and talent to make things happen, but the ones who also recognise where they need help.

“Investors are often investing in the person and team more than the product or service.”

So, how does PDR add value? Jarred explains: “I think where we particularly add value is in our vast experience and understanding of the broader commercial and market challenges, as well as the journey many start-ups need to go through to get to success on the global stage.”

“I would encourage any start-up to reach out to PDR to understand what a difference collaborating with us can make.”

Want to learn more about how PDR can help your start-up succeed? Take a look at our work, orget in touch.