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R1 Razor

Bolin Webb

Award-winning personal grooming and high-performance razors.

Bolin Webb approached us as an initial start-up company with an ambitious vision. Founder Derrick Webb dissatisfied with mass-market men’s shaving razors wants to take them on and bring product design excellence to shaving.

There was a little bit of us that thought he was mad, but we loved his passion, his belief, and his commitment.


Derrick went on to commission us to design its very first product, the R1 razor. The brief wished the design to be inspired by classic motor racing. The clean lines and timeless forms capture an elegance and a sense of frozen motion and energy that perfectly reflected Derrick's initial vision for what would be the launch and foundation product of the company.


The resultant design that emerged creates a clean, dynamic form with the balance, weight and finish of a high quality, functional product that will last a lifetime.

Combining pressure die casting and elastomeric injection the product was designed, prototyped, and taken through to manufacture and launch by the PDR Design team.


Since this time the company has gone from strength to strength, securing premium retail positions in the UK including Fortnum and Mason, John Lewis and Harrods alongside an international position from Seoul in the East to San Francisco in the West where over half of the company’s razors are now exported.

The razor has won The Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum, the oldest design award in the world, an iF Design Award, Gift of the Year and CoolBrand UK.