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The Assure


The Assure is a revolutionary personal alert system. Inspired by a conversation with his mother, founder Karl Gibbs set out to develop solutions for people living and caring for those alone.


Designed to be comfortable for long-term use and easy to use, the Assure can be worn by anyone, anywhere. Continuously checking the health of its wearer, the band tracks movement and body temperature. If, and when an alarm is raised, the wearer's support network is instantly contacted. Unlike comparative solutions, the Assure does not rely on its wearer to trigger an alarm. Being shock and water-resistant. The Assure offers constant reassurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a typical battery life of two years, it never needs recharging.


The Assure offers independence to those who live, work, or play solo, or who are not as self-sufficient as they once used to be. It is ideal for those with specific medical needs as well as lone workers and solo sportspeople desiring an extra level of personal security.

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