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DMX Doppler

Huntleigh Healthcare

Vascular Monitoring Device

The DMX Digital Doppler is a family of next-generation handheld medical ultrasound dopplers for use in both vascular and obstetric medical practice. It is the world's first handheld Doppler that combines the best performance in probe sensitivity, audio clarity, and a visual representation of waveforms that previously had only been available with large and expensive desktop laboratory systems.


The unit is rechargeable and utilises Bluetooth communication for the transfer of electronic records. Bi-directional waveforms are generated from the digital Doppler spectrum and are presented on a high-resolution display with a wide viewing angle. The bi-directional waveforms generated from the digital Doppler spectrum also incorporate an auto-scaling feature – this maximises the accuracy and clarity of the waveforms which is essential for patients with poor blood flow.


Designed to improve the vascular assessment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), diabetic foot and wound management and to be used by midwives, nurses, and GPs as well as specialised clinicians, the Dopplex provides simple, easy access to previously impossible levels of objective, diagnostic information at any location within or outside a clinical setting. It packages the very latest ultrasound technologies in a compact handheld and fully portable, rugged form revolutionising the ability to provide improved diagnostic care and identify early indicators of disease at the point of care.

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