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oct. 06. 2023

Tabu*: Behind the Design

Tabu* is a groundbreaking, multi-award winning design concept aimed to revolutionise the pre-menstrual experience by demystifying and de-stigmatising periods for Generation Alpha. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, societal issues like period poverty, and the digital landscape, Tabu* infuses creativity and technology to craft an empowering and inclusive package.

Included among the features are QR codes, customisable cases, and an educational app that allows users to engage on their terms. A fresh aesthetic that breaks away from gendered designs appeals to a broader audience, reflecting a thoughtful blend of research and empathy.

In addition to resonating with its targeted audience, Tabu*'s research-driven innovation offers insights into how businesses can leverage design thinking to create products that are not only visually appealing but socially conscious. Tabu* exemplifies how design can transform conventional subjects into open and confident conversations, demonstrating the potential of innovation in contemporary business.

Click to read about Tabu*'s 2023 IDEA and Red Dot award wins.

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