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Tabu* is a customisable sanitary product carry case designed for premenstrual users. Tabu* aims to destigmatise, educate and provide practical support to people who may be approaching or experiencing their first period.

Tabu* is designed specifically for premenstrual users to help them prepare for their first period. The IDEA and Red Dot award-winning concept aims to destigmatise periods, providing a positive and empowering first period experience.

For many, their first menstruation can be a frightening and confusing experience that creates negative sentiments throughout their life. Period poverty affects people who menstruate all over the world, a problem that starts with a young person’s first period. Access to menstrual products and the right to manage menstruation without shame or stigma, is essential for anyone who menstruates. The World Bank estimates at least 500 million women and girls globally lack access to the facilities they need to manage their periods.

Numerous studies have shown that young people do not experience good menstrual education at home or at school in both developed and developing economies. Tabu* aims to destigmatise, educate and provide practical support to people who may be approaching or experiencing their first period. By introducing users to products and tools that can help them manage their period, it is possible to limit the disruption caused to their lives.

The carrycase has been designed with Generation Alpha in mind. The ability to customise the case using the included stickers appeals to Gen Alpha’s desire for individuality and allows them to express their own unique identity. The contemporary and customisable carry case promotes continued use and encourages visibility and display. The case has a volume that allows a days supply of pads or tampons to be carried with ease.

The packaging references gaming and digital subcultures through graphic, bold shapes and hyper-bright colours. The unboxing experience is reminiscent of high-end electronic goods, creating a curated service journey which is all supported by the Tabu* app. Carefully considered materials, such as fully recyclable card and compostable inks, limit the environmental impact of the packaging.

Tabu* would be supplied by charities, health authorities and local Government agencies at no cost to the user. A QR code featured in the packaging allows for an associated app to be downloaded. The Tabu* app provides dependable, inclusive resources to reassure, educate and inform young people from seven to seventeen. Encouraging discussion and shared experiences both on a managed online platform and in the classroom in a safe and reassuring way.

Critically, Tabu* helps facilitate open conversations about periods by creating a safe space for conversation and removing the loneliness, isolation and embarrassment that can exist at this time. The digital environment provides educational material that can be utilised by personal users or in the classroom, increasing knowledge and awareness about menstruation across genders and ages.

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