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We possess world-leading expertise within key design services which we take pride in applying across a wide variety of sectors.

New Product Development

Our proficiency at every stage of the product design process enables us to take projects from conception to completion.

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User Centred Design

Whether for a product, environment, interface or service, we understand the importance of user experience.

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Sustainable Design

With sustainability at the core of our work, we promote the use of materials and processes that are more considerate of the planet.

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Design Policy

Our Design Policy experts collaborate across the world to advocate for the implementation of design at a systemic level.

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Service Design

We craft innovative services for a range of clients that cater to both the needs of the user and the objectives of the organisation.

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Spatial and Experience Design

At PDR we believe in the power of design to create immersive experiences that invoke emotion and convey meaningful narratives.

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Medical Device Design

Our expert designers and pioneering Medical Design academics ensure the creation of cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

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We specialise in crafting captivating designs that blend compelling aesthetics and everyday functionality.

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We draw on our Service Design experience to provide quality, innovative new solutions that reflect the dynamic world of finance.

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Public and Service Sector

We use our Design Policy and Service Design knowledge to remove barriers between large organisations and the people they serve.

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Our products blend engineering and artistry, always ensuring that user experience is at the heart of everything we create.

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