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May 14. 2024

Stand paediatric upright stander wins a German Innovation Award 2024

We’re very proud to announce that we’ve won a German Innovation Award for our Stand paediatric upright stander concept in the Medical and Health category.

About Stand

Stand is designed to promote comfortable use and lessen stigmatisation for children with cerebral palsy without compromising functionality.

Paediatric standers have long existed to assist children who are unable to maintain an upright position on their own. However, designs have not changed substantially in decades and are often centred around a complex steel framework. Stand is a concept created as a departure from traditional designs to embody a more compassionate approach.

We concentrated our user-centred expertise on the project with a key focus on adaptability. By integrating easily attachable accessories into the design, the lifespan of the device can be prolonged to be able to serve in different situations over years of a child’s life.

Learn more about Stand.

The award

The German Innovation Awards are an established awards body created by the German Design Council to recognise design innovations that break new ground, improve lives and contribute to a better future. Read more about Stand’s entry.

This is the third major award for Stand, which has already gained recognition from Red Dot and the German Design Awards respectively.

We've completed multiple projects similar to Stand that assist people with medical issues. Learn more about our work within Medical Device Development here.