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Aug 23. 2021

The story behind the award-winning Brace project

Award-winning products are great; award-winning products that can change the lives of thousands of people are critical.

In 2007, it was estimated that 1 in every 400 people suffer from a pectus disorder - and 20% of those are affected with Pectus Carinatum (or ‘Pigeon Chest’), a malformation that means the individual’s sternum and ribs protrude from the body.

Enter Brace.

This revolutionary device was first developed for males suffering with the disorder, before evolving to include a female-specific apparatus too, currently dubbed the Female Brace. Brace depresses the chest of the patient over time and pushes the protruding parts back into place.

Behind this pioneering product is R&D Surgical Ltd, a Cardiff-based company who manufacture and distribute life-changing products across the globe to help manage and treat some of the most difficult medical conditions.

For the experts who made Brace, the most critical success comes in the form of its happy, healthy patients, the double iF Design Gold Award win is an added bonus.

In this video, we speak to Roger Thomas, Director of R&D Surgical and the creator of Brace, to explore the journey of the product and his dedication to helping young Pectus Carinatum patients.