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Aug 14. 2023

How can PDR support businesses?

At PDR we use our expertise in design and research to drive success and innovation for businesses. With a team of highly skilled design practitioners and renowned design academics, we help deliver products, services, and organisational change.

Through our user-centric approach, we aid companies in identifying and addressing strategic business priorities, using design in new and creative ways to achieve goals. By understanding the needs and values of their target audience, we can guide businesses in developing products and solutions that resonate with their customers. Plus, our ability to engage with regional governments and collaborate on research and innovation projects opens up new opportunities for companies to access funding and expand their operations.

Whether it's improving competitiveness, developing innovations, or navigating the intricacies of bid writing, our extensive experience and multidisciplinary approach make us a valuable partner for businesses seeking design-driven growth and success.

In our latest video, Professor Andrew Walters discusses in-depth all the ways in which we can support businesses.

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