Internet of Things Strategy


Exploring the application of the Internet of things in the domestic kitchen.

Kenwood saw the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) as an opportunity to push its products forward and employed us to identify the compelling user needs that should act as the driving force behind the technological innovation within its product range.

Informed by Future Trends

Kenwood understood that starting with technology was the wrong approach, they wanted a deep understanding of the societal and individual needs that IoT enabled products and services could respond to. We combined desk-based research to first identify future trends regarding the kitchen and technology with a variety of in-person research methods studies with both existing users and ‘millennials’ – future users who have grown up in the digital age.

Inspired by User Needs

We combined design research and future studies by using a variety of methods including questionnaires, participatory design, in-context observation and creative workshops.

The outputs of these studies were triangulated to uncover both existing hurdles, barriers and anxieties around preparing, cooking food, and presenting food. These also explored effective kitchen use and the future needs and requirements that could be fulfilled through the proper utilisation of IoT.

A new strategic position

When looked at in isolation these rich and meaningful insights were then used to provide individual product and service-based solutions that would directly address the needs and desires of their users. When looked at cumulatively, these insights were used to identify both an overarching theme and an underlying strategy for product development for the millennial generation that has been adopted by Kenwood.


- Individual IoT enabled product and service concepts

- Overarching strategy for the application of IoT for next generation of consumers.