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Feb 16. 2023

Explore the 3 innovative products featured in newdesigners Yearbook 2023

We’re incredibly proud to be featured in the highly acclaimed newdesign yearbook for 2023. This recurrent publication is a hallmark of design quality throughout the year, featuring the best of the best in the United Kingdom.

The newdesign magazine has established itself as a must-read for anyone associated with the design world covering products, innovation, services, and the process of design in all its forms. This edition covers a huge amount of ground and asks how design consultancies have helped clients achieve success across the consumer, transport, medical and healthcare, industrial and service design sectors for the past year.

In this 2023 edition, we’re pleased to showcase 3 of our recent exciting, innovative products developed in the last 12 months.

Cercle - Sustainable Future Steering Wheel.
Cercle is the first automotive steering wheel to adopt a full circular economy approach to design, allowing easy, complete disassembly and recycling at end of life, whilst incorporating complex controls and haptic feedback into a high-quality traditional form.

Shield - Hospital Night bag Stand.
Shield is a simple, low-cost redesign of the bags and frames used for catheters, designed to offer a discreet, stable, and secure product for patients. Its sustainability was a crucial part of the design; it utilises recycled single-use disposable plastic sterilisation tray wraps and drapes, commonly used in hospital operating theatres and otherwise put into landfill.

Hydroxyl Aura - Wearable Air Purifier.
Aura is a wearable personal air purifier that provides revolutionary protection to users. Airborne contamination both from pathogens and pollution is a growing concern. Aura uses revolutionary patented technology to generate Hydroxyl radicals that create a cloud of clean, sterile air in front of a user's face.

As ever, we’re honoured to be featured in this 2023 newdesign Yearbook.

The act of showcasing our projects on a very public global stage will always be a driving force behind why we push ourselves to produce the best possible design outcomes at PDR.


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