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Oct 21. 2021

PDR wins Red Dot Concept Award in the Sustainability category for Shield

We’re incredibly excited to announce that PDR has just been awarded a Red Dot Award: Design Concept for Shield in the Sustainability category!

Shield is a simple, low-cost redesign of the bags and frames used for catheters, designed to offer a discreet, stable and secure product for patients. Its sustainability was a crucial part of the design; it utilises recycled single-use disposable plastic sterilisation tray wraps and drapes, commonly used in hospital operating theatres and otherwise put into landfill.

Speaking on the win, Ben Nolan, Associate Director, Design, said: “It’s fantastic to win a Red Dot concept award; it’s just a shame we’ll miss the party in Singapore, I hear it’s a good one! We’ll just have to win another…”

PDR has been at the forefront of sustainable product design for over a decade and we continue to push this agenda in our design work.

Ben Nolan | Associate Director, Design | PDR

Of the product and its credentials, Ben explains, “Sustainability is crucial to us all, to reduce our impact on the planet. PDR has been at the forefront of sustainable product design for over a decade and we continue to push this agenda in our design work, taking the opportunity to offer sustainable design practice to our clients.”

Ben continues, “We only enter the most prestigious and stringently-judged design awards so it’s always an honour to win! The Red Dot concept is a particularly difficult award to get - you only need to take a look over the winners list to realise that these awards really do only go to the best design teams in the world.

“And as for Shield and its future? Watch this space…”

About the awards

As an arm of the original Red Dot awards, the Red Dot Concept Award was set up as a dedicated opportunity for companies to evaluate and pitch an innovative concept. It offers the chance to assess reactions from the market and peers; it’s a testing playground for new ideas and groundbreaking projects.

The Sustainability category is the bracket that assesses products for ‘sustainable design ... waste reduction, reforestation, long life products, environment protection and preservation…’ and more.

As Ben states, “Sustainability is what the Shield product is all about; it suits the properties of the recycled material perfectly and is a great way to repurpose the waste material into a product that has a genuine positive impact on patients.”

We’d like to congratulate the rest of the team at PDR who worked on Shield - here’s to the next one!